Where to Find Inspiration in the Hustle and Bustle of Bigger Cities

Living in or visiting bigger cities can at times feel overwhelming. But even within the hustle and bustle, there are so many calming instances if you wish to find them.

I grew up in a tiny town that has eight thousand inhabitants, but I lived in much bigger cities with millions of people for years. I then not only returned back to the small town, but moved out to the country in an attempt to have a self-sustainable lifestyle (which is still an ongoing attempt).

But given my place of upbringing and the fact that the place where I felt driven to was out in the country, it is no secret that I enjoy massive amounts of greenery, fresh air, clear skies, and possibly the sound of crickets at night. So, wherever I moved around the globe, I would always look for instances that reminded me of home.

Some might be obvious and others surprising, but there is so much inspiration around us if only we let it speak to us.

1. Parks

Because they usually have lots of greenery and relaxed vibes that come along.

I like to find parks that include a lot of regional greenery, as with it comes the history of the place. And nature speaks its story so eloquently.

Parks are a great escape to nature within cities. They are also nice as they offer plenty of shade during warmer months and are usually whimsical during autumn and winter time, but not to overlook the smell of spring that accompanies the longer days and offers light to spend even more time outside. Not only the modern parks but parks have had fitness “equipment” incorporated for a long time and outdoor activities are not on the rise, they are just on the market more than they used to be. Now walking, running, slack line walking, fitness or yoga are all great forms of exercises to do in a park. When I go to the park I always try to wear yoga leggings that are green or blue because these colors are soothing

2. Traffic

It might sound like a juxtaposition to the point which I’m trying to convey, but there is a special charm in observing the nature from afar, slipping by the windows or by seeing nature literally hit you in the face with a summer shower or just listen to the rain hit the roof. Not to mention the scenic drives along the sea. Traffic hides weird beauty within itself, as it has endless possibilities to where it can take you. It might not give you instant options to workout unless you bike or run, but it will definitely get you to different places where you can do so.

3. Sports venues

Like stadiums, outdoors trails, ice rings in winter. If you’re interested in sporting events there will be always people like you buzzing around the same venues. Depending on whether you’re participating in the game or not, you are getting some movement in. But even as a spectator, you might find inspiration to do some sports for yourself, too.

4. Street musicians

I am talking the kind of street musicians that blend with the city. That don’t brag for your money, but rather tell you a story. Because they are bold to wear their heart on their sleeve. I usually find them exuding such joy that I would gladly dance the night away with them. And dancing is also a great way of getting some cardio in while on the go.

5. Look up to the sky, enjoy the architecture, its details and wildlife above it. 

As hectic as it might feel walking the streets of bigger cities, the skies constantly remind us that nature is all around us. Plus stretching your neck is a rather overlooked yet important stretch that will send some fresh blood to your brain and possibly make it spark new ideas. The looking up pose furthermore implies that we are searching for inspiration, so it is just suitable.

The charm of finding inspiration in any of those is to take a detail and make it an instance.  I might look at things in more abstract ways than you’re used to, but if you want to make your health journey count, you first need to have a strong reason why your goals matter to you. Then you need to spark an interest for completing your daily tasks. So, you might as well look around and see if anything there gets you moving. Just look at those beautiful images, it can be your reality.