Strengthening Mommy+Baby Connection through Yoga

The joy of being a mom is one of the greatest achievements a woman can have. If you’re a physically active person, this can put you at a crossroads. Now, you have to decide whether to continue your routine with your little one around or to not practice at all due to certain circumstances. Allowing your baby to be a part of your regular Yoga flow can be very beneficial as he/she develops his/her motor skills. This is also a good medium for strengthening your bond with your baby.

Yoga can stimulate your baby’s physical and mental development in a gentle way. It is also a perfect way to introduce your child to appreciate the practice or any physical activities that he/she might encounter in the future.

Dig Deeper!
Most moms who practice with their baby often times find Yoga more meaningful than what they thought it is. This is due to increased amount of awareness, compassion and composure while practicing with their little one. Though this task can be a bit challenging, remember that babies are sensitive to energies. So mommies, remain calm, and surely, your baby will reciprocate it. Before getting onto your mat with your baby, feed and change his/her diaper and clothing to avoid interruptions, and place a cushion on top of your mat where your baby can lay cozy and warm. Begin by carrying your baby in your arm, dancing around the room for 10-15 minutes as a warm-up before you begin your session.

Baby Bridge: To do this variation of Bridge Pose, begin by lying on your back with your knees bent and feet planted on the ground. Then, carefully place your baby on your belly. Make sure that you support his/her body to avoid falling off as you inhale and lift your body off the ground, and exhale down. Do this movement for 3-5 breaths.

Gentle Seated Forward Fold: Begin by sitting on the ground with your legs extended together. Let your baby sit on your lap and hold his/her body by the sides to secure safety. Inhale and slowly fold forward together. Hold this pose for 3-5 breaths. Do not force your baby’s body to fold deeply. Just allow his/her body to feel a little stretch and gently unfold back to starting position.

Goddess Lift: Yoga’s version of leg, glutes and core-strengthening squat can be more challenging and more fun with your little bud. Stand up with your feet apart while carrying your baby. Bend your knees and begin adding more distance between your feet until your knees and thighs form a 90-degree angle. Then hold your baby’s body by the sides and stay in this position for 3-5 breaths.

Your cute little gift of life shouldn’t stop you from practicing your discipline but help improve your practice. This doesn’t only add a fun and extra challenge but also develops the practice’s sentimental value to deeper levels. Connecting to your baby and introducing him/her to your practices means involving him/her in every aspect of your life. Go on and try these easy moves that you and your baby will definitely love!